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Monday, February 16, 2015

Blankets!! My new collection obsession!

green pattern
green blanket

Hey all!!! I have 2 new blankets from the thrifts. I am so excited to have a new focus for collecting. Blankets can add such a stunning touch to a blah bed, and can be used in alot of ways. Right now we are having snow and cold. Last week it was in the 70's. So we need warm blankets. I saw the gold and roses one and nabbed it at Salvation Army this weekend. It matches the guest room decor.
Gold lamp

Brown and gold roses
Gold chair
Also... these finds...New chair pads 99 cents a peice add color to my chairs. I like them because they are fruit patterned.


Cute oranges and cherries juice glasses
Great way to cheer up a kitchen in this cold weather until Spring comes!! It makes me happy to see my cute bright colored kitchen in the morning when I  have my coffee!! Well stay warm and show me your bright colored kitchenwares!!

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