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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Update , yes two in one day!

This is my hankie curtain going out onto the deck. I saw this idea at a shop called "Ya-Ya's" and loved it.

This rain is dampening all our spirits. Baby had the right idea! But then, so did Angel.Ziggy, man of the house and always "on guard" didn't , though.

Wanted to give an update on the herbs in the terrarium-they are growing!!!
A few of my flowers that I could plant without getting out in the mud - in a window box on the deck!
It's been kind of a weird weekend. I have water in the basement again. The sump pump kept stopping, then starting, now stopped again. Then, my new clothes dryer started making a crazy noise. I looked in the vent, couldn't see, turned it back on, it blew a fuse. I move fifteen boxes out of the way to the breaker that we had just moved there out of the wet part of the basement. Go back, it's still making noise. I stick a coat hanger down in the vent, drop the hanger, get another one and pull both the other wire hanger and a sock out. (No MORE WIRE HANGERS!!) Then - I get in the car to go to my Mom's for dinner, the engine light comes on and it sounds weird. So....I decided to eat an extra big piece of pineapple cake with cream cheese icing for comfort food!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Don't you hate that? It seems problems come in waves.

I love the one fan on the right. Very Deco!

Work was sooooo slooooow for me yesterday I baked brownies and had a piece with milk. Mmm....

Beth said...

Well at least it was a nice excuse to eat a big dessert! Silver lining...

BTW- I love your film reference. I almost named my daughter Christina so I could yell it with the same intonation as in the movie...but alas we are Jewish and my husband reminded me that the folks at the synagog would frown upon a child with "Christ" right in her name ...LOL

Chickens in the Basement said...

You might want to stay home and read a book. Sounds like you are on a roll with every thing you touch breaking down! Be still for a day or two and let the hex wear off. Keep the pineapple cake close by so you won't have to cook. It would be terrible to break your stove!

Chickens in the Basement said...

PS Love the terarrium!

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh how I wish I'd have read that before I went to work today. But seriously, it started AFTER work at my Mom's when her visions glass pot (I told her to keep her Wearever!) burst on top of the stove full of ham and beans, then when I was leaving my car wouldn't start... luckily - the maintenance guy at my work was there and gave me a jump start. (Mom lives in independent apartments where I work), so ya see, I must have been cursed. Somebody stole my mojo! Zootsuitmama

Zootsuitmama said...

Beth that's hilarious! So what did ya name her?? ZSM

sinnlighet said...

LOVE your blog & your 'blues'... soo inspirational!

Thank you for leaving a very nice message on Wabi & Sabi!! Me like !!!

Agneta, the swedish one ;)

Ps. I'm a social worker too... Ds

Vintage Christine said...

Uh oh. I looked at the photo of your plants. Sometimes that's all it takes for me to kill green growing things, so if it happens I apologize in advance. I am SO ENVIOUS of people who can actually grow stuff. I love your pups!!!


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