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Monday, May 30, 2011

What will you do today? Happy Memorial Day!

I cleaned my deck off last night, or finished doing it! It's so nice to sit down and enjoy knowing it's all swept and a fresh tablecloth and chenille bedspread is on the glider. I got really comfy last night, with a great breeze blowing across the back yard. Today, I am taking my other glider outside. I've had it in the dining room, for extra seating, besides, it's cute!
But, I am making room for my new chairs, tired of the clutter! I think I am bringing up another formica table to go with the chairs. I have had the blonde boomerang legged one in there, but I think it's time for a change.. and, formica tables just remind me of Summertime when I was a kid! So cool and clean..I gave my green set to my daughter when she got her own place.
Now, I can use my turquoise chairs out on the deck.
But there's always the weeds in the garden to deal with, especially after all the rain we've been having. After all, I want the tomatoes to look like they did last year (above)!
Me? I'm definitely hanging out with my doggies-Angel, Baby, and Ziggy! I may even take a cue from what they're doing right now, napping after breakfast. That breeze on the deck is very seductive.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Hiya wow I'd love to hang out on your front porch with you in the glider!

I'm trying to get my living room free from the clutter I caused in there when I had to move a bunch of stuff out of the master bedroom to paint. Since the living room is so big, it's gets all the 'stuff" while I am working in another room. Bah!!

It always feels better when things are clean and tidy, doesn't it? :)

Zootsuitmama said...

Yeah, I say I'm going to sit down and enjoy it, but I'm still puttering around doing stuff! So-if you're in Kansas City -come sit on the deck with me!! Zoot's is always open.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I love your gliders! We're staying home and working around the house today. Always love all of your retro goodies-I always drool over your photos-great stuff!!!

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks bargain hunter! My fav activity is to look at all my fellow bloggers homes, too!

Lisa said...

I want that red glider! For real! Wow!

Vintage JoAnn said...

enjoyed the photos and coveting the red glider!!

Zootsuitmama said...

Hey Joann and Lisa! Glad you stopped by! Well, it's a good thing my photography is so bad! The red glider has a crappy paint job-but I still love it! I spray painted it red for Christmas! lol The top picture is my oldest son, his wife and two of my granddaughters in the St. Pat's parade. My other two granddaughters live in Fla. now. wah! The other picture is my daughter and her boyfriend.

La Dama said...

red glider is the best, you have a beautiful familia amor.


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