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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Friday report

Didn't find anything I could afford last night, but someone gave Salvation Army a whole collection of Oriental figurines. Really cool ones. Do you know how that hurts and is anxiety producing when you have to leave them there???More tonight. Oh, and I may pick up and awesome blonde china cabinet tonight. I found it f or $44.00!


Midcenturymadam said...

Today is 50% off day at our Salvation army. I'll be there when the doors open. A blonde china cabinet? Sounds very nice.

curbclimber said...

Well I finally made it here.. No thrift stores for me today.... Can't wait to come to KC.

Zootsuitmama said...

About time! I just saw your pictures on facebook. I looks really good. I'll post some pix soon! Zootsuitmama


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