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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking forward a few weeks!

Summer means all these things to me! Pretty flowers, going for a Mugs Up root beer, sitting on the porch and just relaxing! Can't wait for a few more weeks when I can hopefully do this! It's been nine years in this little cottage, and it's bittersweet. I'm not planting a big garden this year because I'm moving, but did put some tomatoes in buckets! and Basil, of course! But my new house will be so much more tidy and not so much hassle...no basement that floods to clean up! I can enjoy my time off on the weekends without feeling like I'm spinning my wheels. And my doggies will have a big yard to play in!!
Still having sales and clearing out! The last one (I said that before) before moving. My two older granddaughters are coming up for the first time in two years! I can't wait to see them next week, although it will be a mess around here! Well, more soon. Hope all are having a great Summertime!


Mecky said...

Have a great Summer, too!

Mick said...

Any Halloween blow molds?! Patricia and I are going to visit Missouri Michael in a few weeks so we might be up your way!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I feel your pain! I'm moving in two weeks and I'm so busy just packing and giving away so much stuff. Good luck!

Zootsuitmama said...

Yes Mick, I'll part with a few of em for you! Let me know when you are coming! Thanks Mecky and Linda! Don't you wonder how the heck you have accumulated so much?


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