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Saturday, May 26, 2012

pinky post

This is a post about pink vintage things. I scavanged some pix from old posts, and added a few new. What is it about pink that is so appealing?? Is it because of pink flamingos?Whatever the reason, items like this pink Rubbermaid utensil organizer fly off the shelf much quicker than any other color. This one sold as soon as I listed it!
Of course
I went gaga over the pink couch and chair. And, until I get the pink tiled and fixtured bathroom I dream of, pink accesories will have to do!
This little atomizer is on my Etsy now. It is so delicate and looks perfect on a vintage vanity.The bed jacket is also a recent find, with little pink roses, it brings back memories of my childhood, when visiting friends in the hospital that wouldn't think of being seen without a proper bed jacket. Well, hope you are all "in the pink" this holiday weekend!


Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha, you are so right about those bed jackets! I love your pink bathroom accessories and hope that you get that pink tiled bathroom soon--when I lived in Los Angeles the apartment my sister lived in had seafoam green AND pink tiles in the bathroom! It was gorgeous!

~~Carol~~ said...

I never cared too much for pink until recently, but now I love it! So many yummy vintage pinks out there. Trying to control myself though, so my husband doesn't get overwhelmed!

Zootsuitmama said...

Carol-you seem like me with the color thing..I LOVE red in the kitchen! I always wanted a pink and grey, but Grandma had a red and white kitchen, her sis Aunt Ida had the pink and grey...so I have stuck to reds. Chris..watch out, you'll give away your age with remembering those bed jackets! Green and pink would be dreamy!

Mecky said...

Oh I love that chair. It is just like the one we had growing up that matched my mom's sofa. Both were sooo comfortable.


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