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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time to think of cook outs and picnics!

So, I hope to plant more and plan some parties soon!


Vintage Coconut said...

I am looking forward to our first picnic of the year. Hopefully we will all load in my Father's Camper van sometime this month and head up to the lake for a day trip of food and a game of bocce.

delia hornbook said...

Picnics are just the best i had my first one of the year last Sunday at the river with my little son. But we didn't use the picnic basket or plates yet i will save that for later on in the year as the weather gets much better ;-))i like those little fish plates. dee x

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh, bocce! How fun! I didn't realize people still did that!How is it played? Like bowling? Cool! Delia, how old is your son? He is lucky to have a loving Mom.

Stephanie said...

It was 70 on Monday, but only in the 30s today with a possibility of snow :( I suppose an indoor picnic will have to suffice.

~~Carol~~ said...

Can't wait for picnic weather! I remember growing up with those cups and bowls with the burlap or whatever it is inside them. I keep seeing them at estate sales, and if I had room in my cupboards, they'd be coming home with me!
Happy Weekend!

Frankie's Wife said...

Yes, yes, I love the RaffiaWare and I use mine all the time. I also have the fish paperplate holders that are great for kids.
You inspire the summertime in me...time to have the hubby BBQ stoke up the BBQ!

Vintage Coconut said...

Yes it is like bowling. Everyone has to try and get their ball closest to the little white ball that gets thrown in the beggining of the game. We used to have a croquet set when I was younger but over the years stuff broke and got lost so it got thrown out. But I would LOVE to invest in a new one! Maybe even a set horse shoes! lol
I will have to get all these games by the time I have kids, so they can play the same stuff I did when I was a child.

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh that would be awesome to play those games with your kids, especially croquet. They make new ones, but old ones are everywhere! I have a vintage one, but forgot how to play!


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