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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas goodbye

 Mr Elf sez: "Check me out in the kitchen window shot! I'm the star of the show"!! Once again, I looooove the boxes, especially when they are in this good of shape!

 Flossie was my Grandma's name. I bought this funnel cake mix just for the box.

 I'd never seen an elf apron, or any Christmas material - like this before.

 There's my hometown hero, Harry Truman! This pix was taken at the Square, in the 40's, when it was the heart of the shopping district. It's getting back to being a great place to visit!

 Crocheted red and green apron.
One last peek at the Christmas linens, aprons and "stuff" before it all is tucked snugly away til next year. I always get sad, but also excited to try something new after the holidays. I've been scouring magazines (I saved ALL my Mary Engelbriet and others) and yes, even all of your blogs -for ideas. Pix soon!!! Happy New Year...and hope all your days are Merry and Bright...even if Christmas is over. Love to all! Zootsuitmama


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Yes, I'm procrastinating putting away my stuff. Well, working too much as usual, or so that's the excuse I use.

Love all your decorations, reminds me of how Mom would decorate.

I guess we can look forward to decorating for Valentines Day!

La Dama said...

Happy New Year Amor..everthing looks so festive and beautiful.

Vintage Christine said...

I put out less and less each year since I hate having to put it away! Not the actual physical putting away, but the fact that the house goes back to same ole, same ole! My grandmother's name was Nettie--don't you love those old-fashioned names?

Zootsuitmama said...

I know Vintage Chris! I am trying to decorate really colorful, cuz my Christmas wonderland is gone. Zoot!


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