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Monday, February 15, 2010

pink collapsable pill cup

Ok, my Grandma always had these things in her "pocketbook"... a collapsable pill cup, a rain bonnet, and a package of Beeman's chewing gum. I can still smell it. So, before Ben Franklin's 5 and 10cent store closed (boo hoo), I made sure I got a little plastic rain bonnet in the little plastic envelop to carry - of course I left the price tag on!


50sme said...

OMG, I really love that pill cup! My grandma carried the SAME stuff! A plastic disposable rain bonnet, tissues, etc. But not a cup this cool.

Zootsuitmama said...

Isn't it great the feelings we get by owning these things and remembering? I feel like my Grandma's with me when I carry my "pocketbook" that clasps on top, and all these things are inside.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly.. I certainly remember these pill cups, as well as the plastic rain bonnet in its little holder etc. Even better? When I was a little girl (under the age of five) I had to have a little bag for church, etc and my MOM had the same items in HER bag and made sure I did too. I even had an extra for my little book bag for school AND clear 'galoshes' for rainy days!!! I lived in Ohio as a young girl and I am trying to 'recaputure' that with vintage...



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