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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween...part 3

Ok, some more fun! This is a dracula made of metal - it's a candle holder and really cute! I like the cats swirling around the bottom. Also, the little pumpkin he's holding where the candle goes..

More autumn colored dishes.

Napkins as shelf paper...

above: love the detail on this table cloth. It's kinda hard to find Autumn ones around here, so I'm glad when I find them.

A fiber optic pumpkin head, and another Fall print table cloth,

Ceramic pumpkins I got a few years back for 99cents a piece~ All Sizes! Salvation Army.

Back door going on to deck...I like to use scarfs, polka dot etc... mixed with Halloween.

This material is so perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I decided to use it this year for the back room/dining room, to save time.
Yes, VCR. I know - I'm probably one of the last people to buy them, but fifty cents is a bargain.

more dye cuts, love the hooty owl.

metal owl sign.

Witchy on broom...love that she's holding a pumpkin. This is the doorway between the kitchen and dining room.

Finally found my orange radio!

This pumpkin head scarecrow doll is one of my favs. Look at his googly eyes and his little trick or treat bag!

I predict...Halloweeny fun! This vintage Spin o matic was the one of the vintage Halloween party items I found at a garage sale! More soon zsm


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love it LOVE it!!!

You have inspired me to push ahead and try to get the living room into some kind of order, so I can decorate this holiday season, starting with Halloween!

JoAnn said...

Love the decorations and autumn makeover! I was'nt going to decorate this year as we are renovating our living area but I could not stand it and did our whole porch and back entry up. Thanks for the inspiration!! vintage joann

Zootsuitmama said...

I'm so glad I have someone to share my stuff with! Thanks for always checking my blog and commenting! I know someone's out there that appreciates all this stuff as much as I do! I wish you could all come over for coffee and a Halloween party! Zootsuitmama

Mick said...

Wow it looks great! Oh My gosh is there any way you can copy that spin game?! one of my friends will be dressing up as a Gypsy fortune teller for our Halloween Costume Party at the Casablanca! Hope all is chipper on your end!

vegan.and.vintage said...

Wow! I thought my new pumpkin candle was sufficient. Now I feel like I need to step up my Halloween game.

Your place looks great, by the way.

Frankie's Wife said...

Very cute stuff...I am dying over the orange radio. So right! And I love your die cuts.
You are getting us in the mood.

La Dama said...

can I go to your house for Halloween? love your deco.
guess what? I nomitated your amazing blog, for a,
"One lovely Blog Award"
check it out!

JJ said...

I arrived here via La Dama. Great site! I would like to follow along, and invite you to follow mine as well.

The Disconnected Writer


Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks La Dama! and JJ, would love to have you join! I am checking your blog out right now!! Thanks for coming by Frankie's wife! Zootsuitmama


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