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Monday, May 10, 2010

Trying to get back in the swing of things!

Ok, this Mother's Day weekend turned out really great! First, my oldest son, his wife  and the two baby girls came over, then my youngest son called, and my daughter and her boyfriend took us all out to eat dinner (grandma too!). I bought some more flowers, got 8 tomoato plants planted and one pepper plant, and have some more to plant tomorrow. Love flowers! Can ya tell? I'll post pix of my groovy mothers day gifts, but the best gift is just being with my family.
This is one of the dresses I found for .50 at a garage sale. It's perfect for work, with the little tie around the neck, very "JOAN"ish. Then I found another sleeveless dress, with black and white polka dots and a little belt, that will also be a good summery work dress, topped with one of my vintage button up sweaters.

Not the best picture, but you get it? Just a plain ole dress with shirtwaist and a semi full skirt. Whee!
It wasn't the most fruitful of garage sale weekends, but I did score a "cannister set"- silver chrome and black, the kind with the slide out "bins". And -last but not least- A VCR tape! (yes I still watch them)-"Making Mr Right"...a movies in which a very "80's girl falls for an android...Her house is to die for, all retro and vintage fifties! Remember, it all came back in the eighties!

John Malkovitch and Anne Magnusen are in it, along with a lot of great characters. If you have never seen it...check it out -it's very cool and hilarious! Well, more tomorrow, I'm getting sleepy with all this rain! Chow!


Mick said...

Will you be wearing any of those awsome threads at "As Time Goes By"?!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Added that movie to my netflix queue...

Great finds!

Zootsuitmama said...

Yes Mick, I will! Depending on how hot it gets...ya know, I've lived in Texas before!! Definitely check out this movie. Awesome lamps, esp. Zootsuitmama

Amber Von Felts said...

I just saw a preview for this movie on a Three Amigos VHS I got a while back. I was surprised to see John Malkovich as the android!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

glad you had a rocken mothers day...thanks for swingin' by my place and always leaving wonderful comments...the dress is vintage bought on ebay....i can't sew a lick....blast-it! can't wait to see your lady bug dream!


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