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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cool signs

Some of the businesses are gone, but the signs are still there! I always want to find out how to persuade them to sell the sign to me. (Maybe for a headboard??) There is a Gas Station that is still around, and a little store called the Milk Jug, that is closed but the storefront, etc..is still up. It was a precursor to Quik Trip and 7-11. I love the signs, though! ZSM


Midcenturymadam said...

Great signs. I love the little light gizmo on the Save Gas sign. If only we would have done what the sign said when it first went up, we may not be in such a pickle today.

Cassandra Marcole said...

Those signs are cool alright. I guess the reason why they won't remove them is because they want to keep those cool signs there till the end of time. LOL Kidding aside, maybe the owners of those want to remind themselves that they once had a successful business.


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