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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Independence Missouri icon

Guess where I had dinner last night? Yep, me and my Mom had a Super Zip burger from Mugs Up! This place has not changed since I have been born! Still serving up loose meat sandwiches topped with a glob of Cheez Whiz. Heart healthy? NO, but soooo yummy. Sometimes, I just crave em! The root beer is still served in the glass mugs. I remember stopping here for a gallon carton of root beer and a big bag of popcorn before hitting th Drive In movies.


curbclimber said...

We will have to go there when I come up for a beer whoops I mean root beer... There was on 24hwy too.

curbclimber said...

Went to the thrift stores today. Found a few things 3 50's paint by number pictures one is for you. Hope you have room for it in the living room.


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