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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angel and Baby

Angel is the oldest. She came into my life, like they all have...because she needed someone to love her. My neighbors in my townhouse left her for long periods of time while they worked. When they got home, they'd put her in the basement. I could hear her crying, and it broke my heart. I told them if they ever wanted to give her to me, I'd take her (half-joking). Then, Angel punctured their waterbed, and that was the day she came to live with us. She is so funny, cute and stubborn! She always rests her chin on something, like, "my heads too heavy to hold up while I beg for the next bite or treat!"
Baby is a lab mix, and she is so precious. Another set of (loser) neighbors had her tied in the yard. She was a little bitty pup, and left in an ice storm. These neighbors had no control or supervision over their children and needed a dog like a hole in the head. Their kids had beat up my car with boards while I watched, and after much "negotiation" I had filed a police report. Long story short, the day they left her in the ice storm, I couldn't stand anymore. I went to their door and told them I wanted the dog...at least to take in for the night -they said "NO"..."she'll be fine". I said no she would not, and then told them I would drop the police report if they gave me the pup. Of course, they did, and she has been with us for almost three years. We love her!


Nick said...

Awwwww I love stories like this! I'm so happy she ended up being with you after having lived with those awful people! Some people really shouldn't have pets... I hope your car isn't damaged too bad, and a little unrelated but that sofa is awesome!

Zootsuitmama said...

Thanks, Nick -yes, I love my couch and chair. I finally found it at an auction and put like three coats of Scotchguard on it..Dogs, ya know. That car was rearended by a dumb guy..my PT Cruiser! Closest I could get to an old car. Now I drive a used van...so not cool, but cheaper! Zootsuitmama

Retro Keith said...

i love this couch!!!!!

Mick said...

ZSM! Love the Post about the Drive-in but I cant comment on it! Angel and Baby must be wonderful pets!

Mick said...

Yes it wont let me leave a comment! It looks like the comments have been diabled or something, its done this on quite a few of your posts! Which drives me crazy lol because I want to chat it up about everything you post!

Zootsuitmama said...

I found the culprit! Leave it to a machine to just take over and change things...can we say 2001 Space Odyssey? "Dave, I'm scared, what are you doing Dave...don't disable me!" You are so sweet to let me know, I wouldn't have known why no one was visiting me..sniff, sniff..ZSM


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