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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday at last

I have decided Saturdays are my favorite day. We still have Sunday to look forward to and feel free to piddle if we choose! I guess it reminds me of the days when I could be a stay at home Mom, cook good meals, decorate and appreciate my vintage "playhouse" more. But, I need a career, I mean who else will pay the bills? And I love working with my elderly residents. But, as the song says, "I can dream, can't I?" Today I am sending a "care package" to my best friend, who has been by retro vintage partner in crime since the early days! We trade things, look out for each other's "stuff" at the thrift stores,etc...She has more of a '40's/50's cabin, since she lives at the Lake, and I like the more funky stuff. Anyway, Happy weekend, and keep dropping by. I have 6 whole followers, and I am thrilled! Love sharing my finds and seeing other's. Zootsuitmama

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